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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
This is what we've done so far...
Thought I would bring you all up to speed on what has transpired in our adventure this far. The following entries are from a journal that Lisa was making on her business website. I thought it made sense to post them over here since the rest of 'journey home' will be taking place on the blog. I hope you enjoy the site and reading about our adventure....

January 18, 2005 - We have officially begun the process to bring our baby home! We met with our wonderful social worker, Mike, last night. He handed us a stack of paperwork that looks a little daunting. Of course this is nothing compared to the overall scheme of things. We are so excited to start this process. Up until now it has been one of those, "one of these days," kind of things. Now it is becoming very real. I just need to remember to take things one step at a time. We will get there.

February 7, 2005 - We completed our autobiographies last week. One thing down, a million to go. I never thought answering 13 pages of questions about myself would be so difficult. Our other bit of exciting news... we received our passports today. I know it is silly, but I am just way too excited. Plans for our dinner on March 5th are coming along well. We are thrilled to share the evening with our family and friends.

February 21, 2005 - Derek and I spent a nice quiet Valentine's Day together. The exciting part of the day was when we received the contract from our chosen agency. Alaska International Adoption Agency. Now we are just waiting for $1000.00 for a deposit so we can sign the contract and send it back. That will get us the "remainder" of the paperwork we need. We have medical exams on the 22nd. The last bit for our homestudy. Then we wait for the social worker to finish writing it and we can send our I-600A to the BCIS (INS).

I find it odd that adoptive parents need to have a "permit" from the government to be parents. People who cannot have their own children or who choose to adopt are usually the ones who really should be parents. Those who get pregnant very easily and often ought not be parents. Why then is it so difficult for adoptive parents to become parents? Just a question that is on my mind.

March 4, 2005 - Yesterday was truly exciting for me. I went to the post office to send off our I-600A form. The BCIS does not look at it until the homestudy is complete, but from my reading everyone says send it right away. So I did. The latest story from other adoptive parents in Washington is that it can take up to 14 weeks to receive the 171-H letter (that is the approval of the I-600A). The government has way to many forms. And with each for a fee to go with!

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