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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
The trials of adoption
Every so often you have these days. The kind where no matter how hard you pray it never seems to go right. You wake up and think ok, today is going to be different. But no. It is the same old thing.
I have been reading countless numbers of websites for grant applications. It really is amazing how many there are out there. But when you get down to it we really qualify for very few. We don't live in the right state. We are with a different agency. We aren't adopting a "special needs" child. We have to give a written statement about how we will teach our children about creation. (yeah right, try getting an anthropologist to say that evolution didn't happen). There are so many, yet we qualify for very few.
This gives me a new outlook on things. You may have heard me talking about the fact that I want to start my own charitable foundation when our own adventure is over. Today is one of those days when I am thinking that I am really going to make this happen. Why should parents be overlooked because they make too much money. Sure we may make good money, but it isn't in a stable flow. Why should the parents who are able to parent a "special needs" child get the priority? I find it rather hypocritical that a grant foundation should say that money shouldn't be the obstacle that stands in the way of our children and then disqualify you because you are not adopting through their "approved" list of agencies.
I will start a foundation for everyone. No matter of financial background, religious affiliation, health of referral or whatever. There are so many of us that just want to be parents. We pray every day for the Lord to give us a child to love. We see so many other who are granted children and we ask, "Why not us Lord? We will make good parents."
Pray with me please. Pray that we will find the resources to bring our child home. Pray for patience in waiting for our child. Pray for the families waiting and asking the same questions. Pray for the children, that they may be safe and healthy while they wait.
All we can do is "Pray to God, but continue to row toward shore."
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