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Sunday, March 12, 2006
The iPod fairy visited us this weekend!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

The majority of you know D's obsession with the iPod. He has wanted one for months. The obsession is so well known that other people blog about it. (ok, secretly I really wanted one too, but just so I wasn't left out)

So we have this fantastic dinner with D's parents on Friday night and when we get back to their house Dad brings us these cute little gift bags. Inside... oh yeah! beautiful black iPod Nanos.

I thought for sure that as soon as we got home that night D would be sitting in front of the computer downloading every CD onto the computer. Amazing enough he didn't. We went straight to bed. However, after breakfast he didn't even wait for me to finish my coffee before getting up to play with his new toy. Wanna see it?

I will admit that the one with the headphone cord attached is mine, and I will also admit that the other end of the cord is firmly planted in my head.

Now the gift of the iPod did not come without its drawbacks. Of course, as with the TiVo incident*, we couldn't just download the songs onto the slim black beauties. Not only did new software need to be installed on my already overloaded computer, but new hardware as well. I asked D that if he installed a new piece of hardware to the inside of my computer that he had to promise me that it would work when he was done. He of course promised nothing. Yes the new hardware was a USB 2.0 card that had to be installed inside my computer.

The normal person wouldn't panic when her very technologically savvy husband says he is going to open up a computer case. But I am not a normal person. I never shut my computer off. NEVER. I am afraid that if I do it will never start again. Then what would I do? How would I check my email? There is so much stuff hooked to my computer I could wire a 3rd world nations. I am not kidding. Look for yourself... This is the area that my computer normally sits. It had been disconnected at this point.

Attached to my computer is (was) 3 printers, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, digital card reader, scanner, palm pilot docking port, Cable modem router, Vonage router, microphone, speakers, and USB hub. Now and iPod.

Of course if you will also please note the copious amounts of dirt and dust where the computer once sat. This sparked an unexpected allergy attack on my part. The frivolous use of canned air with in my exposed computer did not help the situation. So I had to retreat to the couch and leave my computer unsupervised. I really did start to worry when D made many trips to the garage for various tools and eventually a can of WD-40.

Needless to say my computer still works. The fan is a little noisy, hence the WD-40, but my iPod is just fantastic!! Now if I could just figure out how to make the photos run while the music is playing I would be a happy camper.
*The TiVo required the purchase of 2 very expensive new cables to require one remote for the TV, cable box and sound. Veeeery long story.
Blogger Maggie said...
Color me jealous. Now you can be addicted to Podcasts and blogs.

Blogger Rhonda said...
Congrats on the iPods! Brian is dreadfully addicted to his. And the iPod is just the beginning! There's about a million accessories to go with those things. But its sure fun shopping for them :)

Blogger Jennefer said...
I am happy for you! I am also glad your computer still works. Now all you need is a couple of those full body massage chairs that you can stick your iPod into (on the arm rest). We were trying them out at the mall (Radioshack). Very nice.

Blogger Trusty Husband said...
I have the best parents ever!

Blogger bethee said...
iPods are awesome. Love me my pink mini. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
As an adoptive mom (daughter from Russia) I've been following your story for quiet some time.

And today, I was happy to notarize Ds employment stuff :o)

Hugs to you!