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Friday, April 15, 2005
Further the update
I am so proud of my husband for being so positive. I really need that right now. He wrote this wonderful post that said we would be sending off our paperwork this afternoon. Apparently that was not meant to be. We found a few errors on the homestudy that are very minor and we are taking care of. But we had a very interesting experience getting something notarized this afternoon. Have you ever asked a notary when their commission expires? Did you even know that a notary's commission expires? Well it does, and the Russian government won't let you use a notary whose commission expires before you courtdate. Since we don't know when our court date will be we have to use a notary whose commission is valid for a long time. We went to the bank today to have the last piece of paper notarized and her commission expires in July. So no apostille today. We will have to try again on Monday with the notary in Derek's office. What a headache!
So please keep praying that I will keep my sanity. It is fading very quickly.
Happy Weekend!
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