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Thursday, March 09, 2006
The Weekly Update
Only 9 comments?! 9?! And 2 of those were from the same person!! Please oh Please don't make me go with the politics. With as many people that read this blog I am surprised at the number of people that don't comment. I won't bite I promise. Like how I am trying to guilt you into commenting? I'm special like that.

So without further ado... This week's update is brought to you by Jack's raging bile duct. So sue me. I need to watch a little of the Fight Club and Brad Pitt action.

When we last left our freaked out mom-to-be she was frantically obsessing over the mounting paperwork that was now once again required.

I have completed the necessary paperwork and a few additional things that have been added. Like new employment letters, a new financial form and I advised my special social worker that we needed a letter from DSHS.

As far as agency info goes, nothing can move forward until our facilitator in Khabarovsk has an actual hard copy of the accreditation certificate. She should have that by Monday.

On a troubling note, there is a new judge in town. We'll call her Judge Newbie. Judge Newbie is a little intimidated by proceeding over adoptions due to previous bad press. Let's just say that her first court hearing was a little longer than normal. The good news is we won't end up being her guinea pigs. She is quite green and is taking a little time at getting accustomed to the whole international adoption process. All in all the process is not expected to go as smoothly as it has in the past.

But you want to hear the best news ever!!! We were informed that by Monday we should have an update on the boy!! We are expecting to get height, weight, updated medical info and maybe even a photo. This is going to be the longest weekend of my life. I cannot wait. I bet my little guy looks like a toddler by now. Please Lord let him have hair. (the child was a bald as a cue ball in June)

So there you have it. A little bit of good news mixed in with the so-so news. I'll take what I can get at this point.
Blogger Rhonda said...
9 comments is pretty DANG GOOD on my site! LOL. Actually I was planning on commenting but I knew I'd have to think about it, so I didn't get it posted before the weekly update.

The update sounds good. I can't wait until you get a photo of your kiddo. That will be awesome!

Blogger Maggie said...
I'm so excited you're going to get news about A. I know how you're starving for it. I'm glad.

Blogger Jennefer said...
I have heard such different court experiences that all depend on which judge you get. I have heard some are quite intimidating. In fact someone told me to not cross my legs ever during court because it is considered offensive to some judges. Also, that husbands should not go without a tie. I hope we all get good judges!

That is great news about more info. about your son. I look forward to hearing more about that.

Blogger Jenny said...
I really can't wait for you to get the update!!!
I hope the weekend flys by!

Blogger Gaye and Andrew said...
Oh my gosh!! How are going to be going crazy this weekend!! I will be thinking about you and D & A as we are flying over the Atlantic tomorrow on our way to Roman. BIG HUG!! ~ gaye

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dad and I read the blog everyday, at least once, sometimes more. We don't always comment - sometimes (most of the time!) we just take time to say another prayer for you guys and A. Hang in there - it's progress . . . slow, yes, but progress nevertheless. Luv, M and D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How exciting! Keep busy this week and hopefully Friday will come soon.