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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Ok, it's getting real now...
We received news from AIA that they received all the paperwork for our initial dossier. Once the dossier is translated in to Russian, the documents will be sent. From the various reports that we've heard from other people, the wait time for a referral was about 4 weeks after they sent their dossier. We can hardly wait for a name and face to go with the concept of "child". Wow, it's seems like we've waited so long for this and now it's finally upon us.

In other news we started to paint and decorate the 'baby room' last weekend. We decided on "Tinkerbell Green" and "Anchor Blue" for the walls and will be doing some cream colored bead board along the bottom. Once it's all finished, I'll see if I can figure out a way to post some pictures here.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lisa & Derek,

Reading your blog indicates that all goes well. Hope to see you soon and we eagerly await your photos. We will be delighted to have a new grandson.

Grandmother and Grandfather Arnold

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