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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
An update
So there really isn't any news, but quite a few people have been asking for and update. Here is what we know so far.
First I must explain a little bit about accreditation.- Our agency is awaiting reaccreditation. This is essentially their license to work in Russia. Russia began requiring agencies to be accredited in 2001. Each year the agencies have to apply to be reaccredited. Our agency's expired in January. No agencies could be reaccredited because of the new law changes that took place in December and January. They (the Russian Gov't) had to figure out who would issue the reaccreditation. They figured it out and now they are only doing a few at a time. They were supposed to meet last week to issue the new accreditations, but the meeting never happened. Hopefully this week.
Second I have to explain a little about the Federal Data Bank. The Russian Gov't requires all orphans available for adoption to be placed on a Federal Data Bank for 6 months. This is to allow Russians to be able to adopt them first. Once you accept your referral you sign a piece of paperwork (in Russia) that states you wish for them to be removed from the Data Bank so you may adopt them.
So this is how we think the rest of the time is supposed to go. The agency states that without complications it takes 2-3 months to receive a court date. I think that first we have to wait for AIA to be reaccredited. (who knows how long this will take). Then we will have to wait for our release letter. Other families who traveled in late March and early April just received theirs last week. So if our release request was filed before the reaccreditation stop... oh, who knows. After the release letter Irina, our facilitator in Khabarovsk, can then collect Alexander's paperwork and we have yet another medical exam. All of the final paperwork is compiled and approved by a court clerk. The paperwork is then put on a judges desk awaiting a court date. The judge has 60 days to schedule a court date.
My estimate is late September or October. Derek is still holding out on late August or September. I will just be happy if we get to bring him home before Christmas.
We ask that all of you pray for the families waiting. One family with our agency has had their first trip cancelled 3 times! It is just breaking her heart. Please pray that the Russians get this settled so we can bring our children home!
Blessings! Lisa
Anonymous PaPa and Grammy said...
Dad and I are so appreciative that you guys keep up the blog for the rest of us . . . we pray every day that our little Sasha will continue to be protected by our love (all of us) and his very own special angels, which we are very sure he has, starting with his mommy and daddy! Dad and I also wanted to say how very proud we are of you both - that you continue to move through each day with full trust in God as you wait to bring Sasha home. We are awed by your optimism, love for your baby son AND your patience with the whole process!! We just keep looking at our pix of our grandson, keeping all three of you in our hearts & prayers. Also please know that we are praying for Doug, Candy and little Hannah - please let them know for us, OK? Luv you guys . . . M and D

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