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Thursday, June 02, 2005
A hard day
We have just returned from the notary to sign the official papers to adopt Alexander. This afternoon was quite difficult. Although I am much better at feeding than I was yesterday. Not sure he actually likes the food he is fed, I know I wouldn't, but that is what he gets and he doesn't spit it out. Of course he is quite the chunky monkey. We got to play today and took lots of photos. He already is smitten with the other couple's little girl Hannah. He spent a good part of the afternoon checkin' her out. I told him that we would hook him up with her mommy's email address. Uncle Wayne will have to teach him a few pick up lines!
At about 3:15 our translator Katjia told us it was time to go. We took one last group photo and had to say good bye. We took him back to the group with all of his buddies. Let me tell you that was hard. I just had to walk out and not look back. I told him I would be back to get him soon and that there are so many people that love him and can't wait to see him. He really is such a sweet little boy. Very serious, but quite the little character. Likes to bonk himself in the head with a ring from his stacking ring set.
The four of us returned to the hotel to wait for the call to go to the notary to sign the official papers. At about 4:30 Irina called and we were off. We were read the document we were signing and found out that his offical name is Alexander Nikolai (last name I can't remember). So we have some serious thinking to do about his name. He may actually end up Alexander Roy Nikolai Lindholm. I am here to tell you this kid was meant to join this family.
We are now off to the store to pick up some "good Russian Vodka". Pray I don't down it on the way home. Our time here has been fantastic. The people are very nice, but the food is something to be desired for. The city is very beautiful and they work very hard to keep the busy areas clean. Everyday we learn a new letter and can translate more and more.
Dinner tonight will be with 9 other Americans. Lots to celebrate! One couple had court today and it only lasted 20 minutes! Irina said that is unusally short, but everything was perfect!
Tomorrow is the dreaded travel home day. We will try to call some of you on Sunday if we are out of the bed. Looking forward to seeing Nathe's smiling face at the airport! Miss you all and love you much!
Anonymous Liese said...
We are so happy for you that your trip was an exciting and happy one! What a lucky little guy to have you as parents! We continue to hold you in our prayers and CANNOT wait to see and hug and kiss get the picture, Alexander! Bethany is very excited to see her cousin! We have his picture on the fridge and she says "Hi" to him on a regular basis :)!
Can't wait to see all the pictures and talk more about your time in Russia.
Love always,
Lee, Wayne and Bethany Kate

Anonymous Mom and Dad said...
You may not get this until you are home, but Dad and I wanted to say how proud we are of you as you already face the "hard" part of being parents . . . just remember that even though you are leaving Alexander at the orphanage, you also begin the final AND best part of the whole adoption - bring your son home to your house and the extended family. Looking forward to seeing all of the pictures and hearing about the whole trip. Remember that God walks with you both and your son every step of the way - He will not fail you or leave you to cope with all of the ups and downs of bringing Sasha home. God loves you withouth reservation and He has had his hand in every part of your lives together and will be at your side as you begin and end the process of becoming Daddy and Mommy to Alexander. Safe journey and much love, Mom and Dad

Blogger Nathe said...
Blessings and safe travels.

Anonymous Renee and Mike said...
Now you understand when I say "I can still remember the way you felt in my arms and the smell of your baby's breath, Just as if it were yesterday!" It's a journey of love that creates family and we'll make sure Alexander is drowning in it!!!!! Very excited to see the pictures and get prints made for us!
Mike and Mom

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