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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
A Confession
Hello... My name is Lisa... I am a compulsive email checker.

You know there really has to be a support group for this kind of disorder. I mean, hey! I check my email at least 20 times a day. It is so bad that I check it before I go take a shower and 10 minutes later I am back at the computer, toothbrush in hand and mouth full of toothpaste.
I am waiting for the ever ominous email from Olga. You know the one. The one that says the magic words..."we are reaccredited." but alas nothing.
You guessed it. There is no news to report.

So since there is a lack of adoption news I will report on what we are up to for the Christmas season. Derek's sisters, BIL and niece arrived today. That was fun. Haven't seen them for a while. They will be here until New Years.
Tomorrow is the day I have waited 6 weeks for. The Doc will finally clear me to play hockey again! Yup, 6 weeks since the surgery and I am doing fine.
We will get to see some friends we met while in Khabarovsk next week. Ciarai and Jose invited us over for a Christmas get-together. It will be so much fun since we haven't seen their son Alex since he was sitting in the high chair at the orphanage screaming. From the photo she sends he has grown so much.
We look forward to Christmas and getting to spend time with our family
The 29th will be "furnace day". Otherwise deemed "guy's day". Our BIL, my FIL and Derek are going to have breakfast together at the Southern Kitchen and then work on some home improvement projects at our house. Not only do we get the pleasure of replacing our furnace, we get to put a new toilet in the back bathroom. More money spending fun!

I tell you... it is a Holly Jolly Christmas around our house!

Blessings, Lisa
Blogger Rhonda said...
Oh well, I am definitely in that club of the e-mail checking disorder. Maybe there is treatment of some sort.

Blogger Lauri said...
me too, how funny- maybe its a pap thing? Im also into checking my counter stats on my blog on a daily basis

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