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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
It's snowing, It's snowing!!
Referring to the previous post there are some things that are not so great about Washington. Yes, I will admit it. In our neck of the woods we rarely get snow in the winter. It is so bad that last year the ski areas didn't really open. Sad but true.
However, I am proud to announce that it is currently snowing at my house. Of course in the 5 minutes since it started it has gone from really wet slush to huge flakes to nearly sticking back to really wet slush. Even so, I am running around like a child on Christmas with joy!! I love snow.
I love snowball fights, snowmen, the quietness that comes with a snowfall and the sound snow makes when you walk on it. When we get more than an inch I make Derek take a walk outside with me.
The snow is so cool that I had to open the living room curtain all the way and put on some Christmas music. I am simply pathetic!!!
Will you all remind me of this moment when we are in Khabarovsk in the dead of winter and I am frozen solid. Of course the Russians will probably think I am nuts for throwing snowballs at my husband as we walk down the street. Do you think they will deem me crazy for making a snowman outside of the hotel?

Ok, now it is raining again. Joyous moment over. Back to cold and wet.
Blogger Rhonda said...
Ahhh, I'll send some more snow your way. I think I need to share.

Anonymous Doug & Candy Jobes said...
Derek & Lisa,

There is a neat Khab Weather websticker you could post on your blog site. It's on the Khab page at (

Currently it's snowing in Khab and the temp is about -5 deg Celsius. Brrrr... :^)

Appears to be pulling from, which is a russian language site.

I'll email you the code.

Take it easy!
Doug & Candy

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