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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
DUMA Meeting
Ok, so there is a lot of information coming out of Russia this morning about the big DUMA meeting that occurred today (it's evening in Moscow right now). Both the Ministry of Education and the prosecutor General officials addressed a session of the Russian parliament regarding the adoption of children by foreigners. I will post a link to the most complete story that I could find so you can read it for yourself. Seems that lots of issues were discussed and nothing has occurred that will slow things down further. It was nice to see a Russian official that agrees that some reforms need to take place but also believes that international adoption should continue. We're not yet sure how all of this will affect the reaccreditation process but I am still hopeful that things will start to happen soon. Hopefully we will get more information from AIA on tomorrow night's chat. Have a great day and please continue to keep all the waiting families and children in your prayers.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Greetings – I stumbled on you blog while growing tired of our own “Home Improvement Adventure” blog. A dear friend (-- who a single woman, which complicates matters even further) just went through a similar experience. She accepted the referral last fall, went to Kursk in January (just as the rules had changed) and finally made a second trip and adopted her daughter this September. I’m happy to report that all is now well – but reading your story helped me understand all that was going through. Thank you for sharing your story -- and good luck.


Blogger Rhonda said...
So glad that you post then news that you hear since I depend on it now!! This will happen soon and all this good news has me so excited.

In response to your comment on my blog:
Sorry I have shared my LOST addiction, but I am so glad I have someone to discuss the show with!! All I can say is BUY THE FIRST SEASON. You will be totally addicted.

Thanks again for the updates.


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