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Monday, October 31, 2005
Ups and downs
After last week's crushing news we are still hanging in there. We decided that there is no use in stopping our lives just because something disappointing happens. If that were the case we would have given up on everything long ago. We know this little boy is meant to be our son. We will just have to wait a little longer.
For those of you who know me I am a little high strung. I get this from my mother (I think). Who says genes make a person? I like to be in control of my surroundings, I hate change and I am highly competitive (but not in an athletic way). This adoption adventure takes most of that out of a person. I am no longer in control of my life. Change is taking place constantly, but I am still pretty competitive. At least I have that! Not quite sure if that is a good thing or not. Needless to say, I am taking things one day at a time. I sound like a recovering addict don't I?
We again have some promising news. The rumor is that on November 7th the MoE will meet to discuss reaccreditation. The DUMA is supposed to meet on the 9th about international adoption. Our facilitator is "hopeful" that all of this will be resolved. Of course this is what we heard prior to the 27th of October. So it is now a we'll believe it when we see it kind of thing.
Alexander's room is starting to look like a child's room instead of our junk room. This weekend we got a shelving unit to store all of his toys. Very cute! He just needs the toys to go in it, oh and to be home to play with them of course.

I am going to start a new segment on the "Adoption Adventure Blog". Lisa's book club. Many of you have recommended books to me and I have gleefully read them. To get caught up I will give you the list of books that I have read so far. You can choose to give them a try or just trust me that they were good.
"The Russian Adoption Handbook" written by John McLean. A fantastic "technical guide to Russian adoption". This book tells you exactly how to get through the entire process.
"The Life of Pi" - not an adoption book, but very entertaining. I am fascinated by survival stories. This is a story of a little boy from India trapped in a life boat with a Bengal Tiger.
"As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me" - by Josef M. Bauer. This is a true story of a man who escapes from a Siberian Labor camp and walks home to Germany. Amazing.
"The Russian Word for Snow" - This one actually is an adoption story. It is a woman's story of bringing her son home from a Russian orphanage. This is a great book illustrating what NOT to do regarding Russian adoption. Her story is much different than ours. She adopted independently and it was before many of the regulations were instituted.

So that brings us to the current book.
"The Baby Boat" - by Patty Dann. Dann is the one who wrote "Mermaids". This is a diary of her journey to her son in Lithuania. She and her husband faced many of the challenges that Derek and I are currently facing. This book was recommended to me by our church secretary, Kathy. It is a wonderful story. I highly suggest finding this one.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to read next please let me know. Adoption stories are always good, survival stories or general heart warming tales.
As always, thank you all for prayers and support. Mark your calendars for the 7th and the 9th! We are hopeful of good news.
Blessings, Lisa
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Me?! High Strung?! Kidding aside, I'm still hoping that little guy will be home with you for Christmas! What a gift that would be to us all!!!

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