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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
The Fat Kitty
So I realized today that there is something in my house that is preparing me to parent a toddler. This is Isis, she is my little princess. This is the cat that actually thinks she is a people-dog. This cat acts like anything but a cat. She follows me around like a dog, eats like a goat and is into everything like a 2 year old. Evidently it isn't my son I have to baby proof the house for, it is the darn cat!
I thought I would share some photos of her wonderful hijinks! Don't you love the one of her laying on the nice clean bath towels? You guessed it, had to wash those. She eats my plants, sheds everywhere and no box from Costco is safe! No this cat is not pregnant! She is just that fat. We have tried everything. She is on special fat kitty food, we tried an exercise program... nothing works. And to think, of the 2 cats we have she is the smart one. Too smart if you ask me.
Why am I sharing this with you? She actually is keeping me sane! I get bent out of shape about the state of Russian adoption just to turn around and find fat kitty sleeping on her back in the chair. She makes me laugh. Ok, the dumb cat makes me laugh too, but in a "I can't believe this cat is that dumb" kind of way. Isis is smart. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell you.
So there is my fat kitty. Hope you get your laugh for the day!
Blessings, Lisa

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Lisa, In the picture of Isis in the pantry I noticed your box of Bisquik in the background. If you will look on the box there is a suggestion about keeping it in the fridge. It stays fresher that way.
BTW Isis is pretty big. What does she weigh? Our big kitty, Rascal, weighs in at 15 lbs. Take care Aunt Jan

Blogger Elle said...
The cat actually weighs, I think, a little over 13 or 14 pounds. I had a cat as a kid that was 21. Isis is a petite little cat, just very chubby. She looks like a drowned rat when wet!
Thanks for the suggestion on the Bisquick. I might try it, but refer to earlier posts about the baby latches. I am a slow learner and will probably forget that it is the fridge and buy more. Thus ending up with 4 boxes of bisquick!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have done that too. I forget to look in the pantry or fridge and think I am out of something and then buy more. Oh well, Jan

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your tiny little kitty is just that compared to my Toby! Can't beat 20 pounds, can ya!!!! Hey I bet no one out there can!!!!!!

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