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Monday, October 03, 2005
then comes the preparing
When you are pregnant there is a definate amount of time you have in order to get ready for baby's arrival. When you adopt there is no due date. This is very bad for people who are procrastinators, such as Derek and I. Granted, Alexander's room is painted and there is even a crib in there, but that is about it.
Earlier this summer I made a list of "Stuff that needed to get done before Sasha comes home." I actually have crossed a few things off the list. But this weekend I enlisted Derek's help. So to prepare for baby we hung the pictures on the wall in his room, put my hockey gear away in the closet (sniff, no hockey this year for me), and Derek so handily installed new smoke detectors in the house.
But the fun part came when installing the baby latches on the kitchen cabinets. Most parents have a few months to break into parenting before baby really becomes mobile. Imagine being married for over 9 years with no children. Then magically (or not so magically) a toddler appears in your home. This new little person is mobile and on the move! Thus... childproofing your home. However, in our case it is "preparing for parenthood". We figured we are a little slow so we need to install the latches now to train ourselves they are there. Otherwise Sasha's first English word will be "dammit!"
How do I know this will be the word? As I have already mentioned, it has just been Derek and I for nine years. We get used to each other and have our specific chores. Last night Derek took out the garbage and left the can sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. That is my clue to put a new bag in the can. I of course go to get the bag... "dammit!!!!" Baby latches. This is promptly followed by laughter and heckling from my wonderful husband.
Slow learner that I am decided to clean the bathroom this morning. Again, "dammit!" Bathroom cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink. Baby latches.
I have determined that there should be other "tests" involved in the homestudy process. These tests should include: how fast can you put together a baby swing without directions, can you assemble a crib and it be a safe and functioning sleeping unit for you child and how many days does it take for you to figure out that you actually installed baby latches on your kitchen cabinets. Evidently, as a parent these are things people don't tell you, but you really should know.
So if there are anymore of these little tidbits of advice that anyone would like to pass along, I would really appreciate it. Like what is the best cleaner to get mashed wet Cheerios out of carpet.
Blogger Mary said...
I am so excited for you guys! I hope the reaccreditation comes through very soon!!! I love your blog. It is funny how we find each other on here!!

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