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Friday, September 09, 2005
A little bit of an update
It seems like all summer long we have done nothing but wait for news. No news has come. Yesterday there was an unusual amount of reporting activity by various news agencies. More that we had seen in months. Any information we had found over the summer was primarily negative. However, the tune has drastically changed in the past 2 days! Yesterday's articles talked about the Russians knowing that changes had to be made to ensure that childeren were placed in good homes. Essentially they would like a revamp of the post-placement reporting system. They also want the ability to take away the accredidation of any agency that violates Russian laws.

All summer long there had been talks of a moratorium on Russian adoption by foriegners. This has put some families into utter panic. This morning I woke up the the most wonderful news story I have read in months. I am not joking when I said that it brought me to tears!!!

According to the Russian News & Information Agency:
"The State DUMA turned down an amendment by Deputy Nina Ostanina, from the KPRF Faction, to impose a temporary moratorium on the adoption of Russian children by the citizens of those countries where Russian children died at the hands of their adoptive parents."

This means no stop in Russian Adoption!!!!!!!!! Families with our agency stared a pool two weeks ago on when reaccredidation will take place. Today is Derek's pool date. So far he hasn't won, but this little bit of good news is a very hopeful sign. Since there is a pool I want to open it up to our friends and family. If you want to participate go to our Urban Landscapes website. Then click on "The Pool" button at the bottom. You will see a calendar with the dates that others have picked. Email me your pool date! I will enter you on the calendar and the winner will get a Russian Chocolate bar when we return!

This one isn't a fundraiser, doesn't cost you any money, but is fun!!! We all need a little fun in our lives.
Blessings, Lisa
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Count us in on the accreditation pool . . . we both picked October 3rd (independently!!!) Love you guys and Sasha, too! Dad and Mom

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What wonderful news about the moratorium amendment being rejected! Just shows what prayer can do. Put us down for October 10th. Love to the three of you, Aunt Jan & Uncle Tom

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fantastic news!!!! It's what we all needed to hear to continue this unbearable wait!!! Sashas in all our hearts but can't wait to see him in your arms and then mine!! We too are hoping for early Oct. Put us down for the 7th (our lucky no.)
Mom and Mike

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