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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Good news and frustration
First some good news. We finally got a small glimmer of hope and received all of the paperwork that we need to submit our final dossier. So we will be mailing the paperwork to AIA along with a check for the first part of our agency fee later today. Yeah! The only thing left to do as far as paperwork is concerned is our medical exams. We had them scheduled for next week but received word from AIA to postpone them for another couple of weeks. The medicals are only good for three months so if we have them too early they might expire before we get our court date in Russia.

On to the rant.... just kidding. It has been a frustrating couple of weeks for Lisa and I. I told myself when we started this process that I was going to be patient, realizing that we were on 'Russia time' when it came to the adoption. I am learning now that it is much easier said than done. For those of you who don't follow the happenings in the Russian adoption community (uh... that's probably most everyone), there was a very unfortunate occurrence in North Carolina 2 weeks ago in which a mother is accused of killing her two-and-a-half year old daughter. The little girl in this case happened to be adopted from Russia. This case has compounded the anti-American sentiment that is present in some sectors of the Russia government. The media in Russia seems to have an anti-American bent to it as well and tends to write inflammatory stories with 'details' that could be true or untrue. So, of course, now there are all sorts of rumors of things like moratoriums, pyschological evaluations before adopting, etc. Meanwhile none of this is helping our agency get any closer to the reaccreditation that they need so we can finish our adoption and bring our son home. We ask all of our friends and family to pray that the Russian officials gain the wisdom and insight to realize that a slow down in the adoption process does not benefit anyone, especially the children waiting to adopted into loving, stable families. We also pray for strength, courage, and patience at a time when it's hard to find any of those things.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
July 27, 2005: I watched the "Baby Story" today and the show followed a couple adopting 2 toddlers from Russia (Kazakstahn ?Sp) I thought of you both as I watched and it occurred to me that of all the selfless events that happen when you are a parent, perhaps the most selfless is choosing adoption - you don't accidently "wander"into becoming a daddy or mommy when you adopt! You have no physical evidence of the child coming into your lives or the comfort of the knowledgee that in about 9 months the child you wait for will most assuredly arrive. You won't talk endlessly about the symptoms of pregnancy or the event of childbirth . . . my point here is that, even without these traditional elements of welcoming your baby into your family, you both are engaged as fully and probably more deeply in the coming of your son - the heart is such a marvelous thing . . . for it is here that you both, dad and mom, "carry" your child! It's the place where you experience the wonder of his arrival and where he becomes so real to you, his parents. It takes a lot of courage and patience to become parents, no matter how parenthood occurs. But I believe that God created some hearts to be more special than others, hearts that can be place of birth as well as source of the great love that you have for your child. I feel such great joy that you both have the courage, the stamina and the trust in God's partnership in your lives that your hearts are just so extraordinary, the birthing place AND the loving place!!! Much love, Mom

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