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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
The Results are In!!
I want to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in our Barbecue Cook-Off. The turn out wasn't as great as we expected, but for those who did attend we are so grateful!!! For those of you who did not attend... your loss. The food was out of this world! I can't believe the variety of dishes we had. Everthing from Smoked Ribs to Lamb, Potato Salad to Snicker Salad and every type of pie imaginable.
I had some requests to post the results, so here goes.
In the Barbecue category: The winner of a $25 gift certificate to The Warthog BBQ was Stan Solmonson. Stan made Smoked Ribs that were incredible. Everyone just raved about them!
In the Salad category: The winner of another $25 gift certificate to The Warthog BBQ was Kersten Shaffer. Kersten created the most unusual dish, Snicker Salad. No this isn't snicker because it is funny, but Snicker as in the candy bar. It was like eating a carmel apple with a fork! Apples, Snicker Bars and a sweet creamy dressing... what more could you ask for?
In the Desert category: The winner of a dinner with a good friend was Danielle Lemieux. I had requested that Danielle make her famous Apple Crisp. I must have good taste, because she won! So she gets the best prize, dinner with me!
All in all the event was a success. Even if we didn't make thousands of dollars, we had great weather and we got to spend a fantastic afternoon with some wonderful people! Thank you all for your support.
We are inching closer to our financial goal, but I promise... no more fundraisers. You have all given so much as it is.
Blessings, Lisa
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lisa, I would love to have the recipe for the Snicker Salad. It sounds like it would be really good. We continue to pray for you all. Love Aunt Jan

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