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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
No News is.... Well, no news
So we received an email from Olga at AIA today. To make a long email short, she basically said that they have no news to report on reaccreditation at this point. There have been lots of rumors that have been going around on the various adoption internet chat boards. Some people say their agency told them any day, some people say in August, and so on. The truth of the matter is that Russian Ministry of Education (who is in charge of all this) will reaccredit the remaining agencies when they feel it's appropriate, and nobody knows when that will be. So for now, we wait. Just like we have been doing so far. We wait and hope and pray that this will all get sorted out soon and we can bring our son home. To add to all this, we also learned from Olga that we will need to get a piece of our paperwork re-done. At this point, we will do whatever the Russian government wants us to do, as long as it gets us one step closer to the end. One step closer to holding him in our arms again... but this time it will be forever. So we ask for your support and strength to get through this waiting period. Hopefully we'll get some good news soon.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just had make this comment, especialy having grown up during the Cold War . . . however, I want you to know that in addition to praying for Sasha and you guys, we have officially added the Ministry of Education (and any powers that be who affect adoption)to our prayer list!!We all just need to remember, first and foremost, the the "Big Guy in the sky" is ever and always in charge of the whole deal - I just think that we couldn't ask for a better Advocate!! Luv ya, Mom

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