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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
The Saga of the Baby Latches
Well... the word of the day moved from "dammit" to, "oops". In my blundering stupidity I again forgot that said baby latches were installed on said kitchen cabinets. Last night while retrieving a bowl I yanked on the cabinet door and promptly broke a baby latch. Needless to say Derek was a little unhappy with me on that one. So now I have to devise a sign of some sort to warn me that there are in fact baby latches on our cabinets.
If you are keeping score:
Cabinets:3 Mommy:0
I really don't hope the Russian judge doesn't ask if we are able to navigate baby safety items. Otherwise I'll be screwed!

On another exciting note, tomorrow is the day we have waited a year for!!!! This season, once again, Lord Stanley's Cup will be awarded! For hockey fans everywhere this is fantastic news. Yes... the 2005-06 NHL season starts tomorrow. There will be tears as we see Peter Forsberg start with a team other than Colorado. But there will be cheers as we look to another adveturous season of the Boxcapades!
Now I am not saying that I won't lower myself to watching The University of Puget Sound get tromped on by every other team in the state or I won't subject myself to sub-zero temperatures at Tacoma Hockey Club watching my old team lose every face off. That is also to say that there will be plenty of Golden Gopher Hockey on the TV in my house, but the NHL... that is golden! Wicked if it were. Naslund, Bertuzzi, Cloutier, the Sedin brothers and all the rest of the boys are back!!! I'm nuts, I know. I love hockey. Live with it.
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