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Friday, October 28, 2005
No good news
I am sorry to say but there was no good news reported to us in chat last night. Evidently the Russian government has struck again. Ugh... From what we understand the meeting that was to occur on Thursday was postponed to an unknown date. The prosecutor general has now decided that he needs to "dig deeper" into some of the agencies and so accreditation will be delayed until that is complete. When will that happen, you say? At this point all we have is rumor and speculation. It sounds like no agency, accredited or not, is safe at this point. Our hope for Christmas in Khabarovsk is quickly fading. But we refuse to hold a pity party! We will continue to be strong for our son and hope that this will all be resolved sooner rather than later. We have officially named November "good news month: the sequel." The only way to sane in this whole process is patience and the power of positive thinking. We refuse to stop living our lives and let some official in Russia distract us from the true purpose of all this. We continue to look forward to day we are reunited with our son.

-The Dad
Blogger Rhonda said...
Thanks for the update. Looks like we'll keep waiting for a while.

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