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Friday, October 14, 2005
A Little Bit of Good News...
Some of you know that we participate in a weekly chat that is hosted on our agencies website. Usually Olga (our facilitator) comes on there with the latest "to my sorry, no news to report." Well last night she actually did have some news to report and it was GOOD. A little background on what is going on in Russia at this point... When the moratorium failed to pass in the DUMA those who are against international adoption figured that they would need to go a different route to try and get their way. So they recruited a deputy in the Prosecutor General's office to try and get him to investigate the agencies (both accredited and non-accredited). The idea was that if he could find violations of the law he could revoke the accreditations thus halting all foreign adoptions. Basically all agencies that are or were doing business in Russia have been subject to this inquiry. I bet you're thinking "where is the good news?" Well we found out last night from Olga that AIA passed their inquiry with flying colors and no violations! YEAH! Of course we knew that would be the case but it is good to know that AIA is in the clear. We're hoping that this is how the rest of the month will go: All the reports are due the Prosecutor General's office within the next couple of weeks. Those that have been found to violate the law might have their accreditations stripped (or if they have not been accredited, they will not be). Those that have been cleared will get their accreditation back and be allowed to continue their work. The hope is that this will all be completed by the end of the month. So please continue to pray for a quick resolution to all this. Your support has meant so much to our family through this frustrating time. Here's hoping it's Christmas in Khabarovsk :)

The Dad
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Mom & Mike

Blogger Rhonda said...
thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I can't believe you found me on the you realize we use the same agency and that Olga is also our facilitator?? WOW, small world. We haven't gotten our referral yet, but are also adopting from Khabarovsk. Thanks for the latest update. I've not e-mailed Olga in a while. Will be checking your blog often :).

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