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Friday, November 11, 2005
Things should start moving soon
The time has finally arrived that we received GOOD news from Russia. We received information from AIA that the interdepartmental meeting did take place today in Moscow. The Ministry of Education and Prosecutor General met to discuss international adoption. Here's what we know that came out of the meeting:

  1. Independent adoptions are to become illegal.
  2. Four agencies, including one from the US, have lost their accreditation
  3. Without further meetings needed, the MoE will begin to reaccredit the remaining agencies in working order.
Olga told us that she that she didn't have any further information but she will let us know as soon as she finds out anything else. We're hoping that things will really start moving and that reaccreditation will happen soon. As soon as we know I will post it here so that you all will know. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Hopefully we'll have more good news to report soon.
Blogger Rhonda said...
WOOHOO! Here's to hoping we hear more good news soon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's great news. We will keep our fingers crossed and continue to keep you all in prayer. Love Aunt Jan

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