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Monday, November 07, 2005
New links
Ok, so I added a couple of new links to the sidebar. I know many of you have probably said to yourselves "self, I wish I could see what's going on in Khabarovsk." Well, now you have your chance. I just added links to 2 webcams in Khabarovsk. SO now anytime, night or day, you too can see if the sun is shining or if it's snowing in Khabarovsk. Maybe when we go back, we'll have to figure out where the right spot to stand is... that way you all can see us in Russia, lol. But seriously, I think that it's pretty cool to be able to see Khab on the internet. Webcam 1 is outside of the 'Platinum Arena' (a place I'm sure we'll have to visit on our second trip since it's the home of Khabarovsk's hockey team). Webcam 2 is a shot high above looking down on Lenin Square. The building you see is directly across from the government building where our court hearing will take place. I hope you enjoy the links and a little slice of Russia.


P.S. Happy 63rd birthday to my dad (a.k.a. 'Papa'), much love always!
Blogger Rhonda said...
Cool links, thanks!!

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