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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
The return of the rumor mill
So that ugly rumor mill is rearing its head again. Recent reports from various sources indicate that Friday the 9th might be "the day". The day for reaccreditation that is. If that is the case then we can all let out a huge sigh of relief and get this show on the road!

In our optimism Derek and I have started looking at cold weather gear. Refer to the previous post regarding snow in the northwest. We are not skiers and have virtually no cold weather clothing. I think the last time I stepped foot into an REI was when I was in highschool and that wasn't even to buy anything. Ok, Derek working at Galyan's doesn't count. That was Kansas and the summer. I am quickly realizing that ski jackets are expensive. So are boots. This was definately not figured into the budget! We never anticipated travelling to Siberia in the winter. We thought we would like to see it, but we didn't think it would be while adopting Sasha.

The current temperature in Khabarovsk is 7 degrees. Yes, I said 7 with a whoping high of 10! The 10 outlook is even better. Monday's high will be -3 with a low of -15. Technically it isn't even winter yet! This is going to be fun.

In other news... In preparation for the boy coming home we thought we would take care of a few "home maintenance" chores. Derek found a coupon on the internet for a furnace tune-up. So nice furnace man (NFM) comes out yesterday and does his little inspection, and he says the words I dread the most! "I think I see 2 little cracks on the heat exchanger." Sure enough, there are 2 small cracks in our furnace. Of course Dane the dumbass previous homeowner has never done any maintenance on the furnace and bought the cheapest one on the market. So the heat exchanger can't be replaced, thus requiring a whole new furnace.
I head off to work and NFM informs Derek that a new furnace would run about $3000. Holy crap! That is a plane ticket or 2 to Khabarovsk! Needless to say we are getting a few other estimates. At least he didn't deem our furnace unfit for use. That of course would then require a call to the chimney sweep to clean the flu and install a cap on the chimney for the much needed heat.

It just gets better and better around here I tell you!

Hoping for good news this week.
Blogger Rhonda said...
That's great news! Maybe this time its really going to happen!

Blogger Rhonda said...
What a bummer about the heater! Its Murphy's law I guess. Don't you just love the owners before you that don't take care of their home? That's what we keep running into as well.

Blogger Lauri said...
Sorry to hear about your furnace- that stinks. Im getting use to the cold- its 16 degrees here in Ohio with the windchill it feels like 6 below. Its freezing- that being said i dont even own a paid of winter boots & I live in the buckle of the snow belt. Good news about the Reaccredidation- it wont be long now


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