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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
The rest of Christmas
I know, I know... I have been a little hit and miss with the posting lately. We have family and town and have been spending some quality time with them. I must say it is nice to see everyone.
So what else did we get for Christmas? We had a good Christmas, in fact.
I received a new sewing machine, of course everyone is now expecting quilts for Christmas next year. D bought me 2 CDs (Cake and U2... my favorites!) and an html book. So expect some blog changes once I figure out how to program some serious html code!
Derek was graced with some new xbox games (of which I am currently listening to, oh fun!). He is also going to continue the trend of one of the best dressed hotties ever! New shirts for that new 30 something Dad look.
We also received new patio furniture from my mom and mike. Don't know what it looks like since it is still in the box and wouldn't fit in the Jetta. But my mom has good taste and I am sure it is awesome! We also received a vintage looking record player/ CD player/ radio from my grandparents. I am now inspired to start collecting Beetles albums! (future note, when I learn the afore mentioned html code I will exchange blog redesign services for Beetles albums or any other cool vinyl)
Alexander got some of the best gifts ever. Now I will tell you that I did come to a conclusion about grandparents this gift giving season. Somehow, there is a dormant gene in people that magically kicks in at the onset of grandparenthood. This gene compels people of a grandparent nature to purchase noise making gifts for the said grandchildren.
With me being a little bit granola this gene can seem excessive. I am the Duplo blocks and the fancy German trike kinda mom. Ya know the person that has the nice organic garden and shops at Trader Joe's because there are no preservatives in the frozen foods.
However, Alexander's grandparents now posses the "grandparent gene". For Christmas he received a Fisher Price magic block thing (complete with sound) and a Leap Frog Learning Table. Both gifts certainly have the granola mom stamp of approval.
The learning table is bilingual. This will come in handy for Sasha to keep up with Alex G. since he will, I'm sure, speak Spanish and English. And the Fisher Price deal... well lets just say it is cool.
I am tell you people it is everything I can do from unpacking these toys and playing with them myself!!!
So you can say it was a good Christmas. All the gift giving hoopla kept our minds off of the whole adoption thing for a little while. Although, I did come close to a melt down the other day when an off comment was made. I held it together though.
I do have to say that the best part of Christmas was having the opportunity to spend time with our families. I am trying to stay focused on what I do have right now instead of what I don't. Family is what I do have. They are there to support us and for that I am grateful.
I hope all of your Christmas' were Merry and bright!
Blessings, Super Mom
Blogger Rhonda said...
Hey Super Mom,

Glad to see you're getting thru the holidays. It sounds like you're having a great Christmas.

Cake, huh? Brian is a Cake fan too. He loves to annoy me (and I do mean ANNOY) by singing to me that Stickshifts and Safety Belts song (off the CD with "Going The Distance"). Its like something clicked in his brain with that song and every so often he has to sing it to me...its a shame, I was a Cake fan before this happened. I'm with you all the way on U2, though.


Blogger Lauri said...
Sounds like you had a wonderful Holiday-those toys sound super cool. Here's to a great New Year


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