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Thursday, December 22, 2005
The Thursday Update
This Thursday's update is brought to you by 2 buck Chuck.
(For those of you unfamiliar with 2 buck Chuck... you will have to figure it out on your own)

This Thursday had no new news to bring (hence the 2 buck Chuck). Yes, I am still checking my email 20 times a day, although I did only check it twice yesterday.

In other news... I saw the doc yesterday. The wonderful 6 week post-surgical check up. Everything looks very good and I am healing nicely. I asked the doc if I could skate. He says, "yes, but take it easy. Don't put full gear on right away." So I have been cleared to skate, but I should not play for another few weeks. Fine by me! I did the happy dance all the way out of the exam room. Even sent Derek to the rink today to have my skates sharpened! I am really surprised I am not laying on the couch wearing them.

In life outside of our home, some of you know that I have taken a temporary, part-time job as our church secretary. I actually job share with another woman who really does much more work that I do. I must say that I have a new found appreciation for the role of the Church Secretary. I thought today I would have a nice relaxing 1/2 day. I evidently thought wrong. Today I had to finish our monthly newsletter and mock up 4 bulletins. Of course the format got changed for the bulletins so I had to redo the templates I already had made. I am not going to complain though. At least it gets me out of the house for a day and a half each week. Plus they pay me! I do think that Derek might complain come Christmas morning though. I had a grand plan of working that 1/2 day today and then going Christmas shopping for him.

Since I worked until 5 my shopping plan was foiled. So now I have to shop tomorrow. So help me God I will NOT shop on Christmas Eve. He may be getting a packet of Chicklets and an airfreshener from 7-11, but as God as my witness I will not enter the mall on Christmas Eve.

On to today's lesson. We are going to review "Comment Posting 101".
I know there are a ton of you guys who read this blog and never post comments. How do I know. Let's just say I have my ways. So let's review shall we.
Step #1: click the comment link at the bottom of the particular post you would like to comment on. This link will either say "no comments", "2 comments", etc.
Step #2: Have fun reading the fun comments Rhonda or Lauri happen to make on our blog.
Step #3: Scroll to the bottom of the comments and click the "post a comment" link.
Step #4: Write your particular comment in the "leave a comment" box.
Step #5: If you happen to be a blogger member you really shouldn't have read this far, but if that is the case you shouldn't be reading anymore. If you are you have issues. For the rest of you... click the anonymous button and fill in the funky "word" then click the "Login/ Publish" button.

This should complete the Posting a Comment lesson. I know this is a little different since Derek changed the blog template. For that I apologize. I am very aware that some of my Lutheran friends are opposed to change.

Now... if you people don't start leaving comments to make me feel good I might have to institute a politically charged weekly discussion. You have been warned!
Okay, now I feel guilty for lurking as long as I have and not commenting. Husband and I are in the process of adopting our second child from Russia (Moscow Region). I'm also originally from Seattle, hubby and I are both WSU living in Bay Area, San Francisco.

Two Buck Chuck....LOL! Sometimes that is what's necessary.


Blogger Lauri said...
Thats right Lisa- guilt em into commenting- thats what i do- works every time too. Come out, come out wherever you are lurkers-lets have a roll call

Merry Christmas

Anonymous catnik said...
Do not insult 2 Buck Chuck! After imbibing (more than I care to admit) on Mad Dog 20/20 and Boones Farm in my youth, Chuck's wine is positively upscale :o) Merry Christmas!

Blogger Rhonda said...
Yes, its good that you are having a Comment 101 class. Maybe they'll carry that lesson over to my blog! Although, I think Lauri and I are brilliant commenters. Brilliant, I tell you!

On your other note about not entering the store on Christmas Eve...good luck. I always end up on a last minute run the day before Christmas..oddly enough, its always me and a bunch of men in the stores on Christmas Eve, I've noticed. Weird.

Anonymous serena said...
Ok, I'll post a comment! Can't remember where you posted this blog - maybe frua or the Vlad yahoo group? Anyway, I check it from time to time since I surmise you are from WA and I live in Seattle. I completed an adoption in Russia almost two years ago. Best wishes

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I make a comment once in a while. I don't always have a comment on that days posting but do know that you are in our prayers. Change of subject, the German stars that I gave my co-workers were a big hit. One of the girls dropped hers in the parking lot and didn't realize it. I found it, it had gotten stepped on or run over but it wasn't damaged too badly. Surprisingly enough. Love & Hugs, Aunt Jan

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