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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Hip Replacements and Hearing Aids
Today is Thursday. So you all know what that means right... Bet you thought I was going to say "official news day". WRONG!! I'll get to the lack of news in a moment. Thursdays also happen to be my full day at the church. Seeing as I like to get paid I went to work despite my obvious lack of stuff to do. The morning was quite nice. Very quiet. All the pastors and the majority of the staff was out of the office so I got most of the place to myself. I checked my email, worked on some bulletin stuff, threw away a whole bunch of crap that we really didn't need anymore. At about 9:15 the ladies started to show up. You see, today was newsletter assembly day. A whole group of women come once a month and assemble our church newsletter and sort if for mailing. They also happen to bring their own lunch. Near lunch time one of the ladies come in to ask if I would like to have some lunch with them. I didn't have anything else to do and no food to eat so I said sure.
What a bunch of sweet little old ladies. One wanders around making sure everyone has everything they need (coffee, forks, napkins, etc) while the others say "Doris, just sit down and eat your lunch." They make sure the men that happen to be at the church are also fed. The funniest thing is watching them dish up their plates. They take little amounts of the "hot dish," remember we are Lutheran, and a small triangle of eggsalad sandwich. Then they go back for dessert. These women literally mound their plates with stuff like angel food cake, jello dish, and various other sweets. It was a riot.
So I spent my noon hour listening about whose husband had a hip replacement and who forgot their hearing aids. What a hoot. If I am in town next month I get to do it again!

So onto the news. Let's see. Who is this week's news report brought to you by? hmm, I got nothing.

That is fine because there isn't any news. We actually are at D's parent's house and tonight was my night to cook. I picked Indian food because, well... I like Indian food. So I have been working my butt off in the kitchen since about 2:30 this afternoon. Dinner was ready at about 6:00 so we missed the news. Stay tuned because if there is any I am sure I will let you know.

Onto Furnace Day. Today was also supposed to be the infamous Furnace Day. Appointment all scheduled until the guy called last night. Furnace man says he won't be to our house first thing in the morning because he has to take his son to the doctor. But the duct cleaning guy will be there.
I toddle off to my heart attack lunch and leave D at home to deal with home improvements. Well, Duct man showed up at 10 am after which D, FIL and BIL leave to have breakfast at the Southern Kitchen. I come home at about 1 pm and still no furnace guy. He shows at about 1:30!!! Evidently he and the guy that called us need to get their lies straight! Furnace guy tells D that he was late because he had to take is son to the airport. Sick my ass! So now Furnace guy is coming back tomorrow to finish the ALL DAY installation. This means we are going to miss going to the mountain to build snowmen with the niece!

There is a bright side to the day though. We did get a new toilet for the back bathroom and we got 2 door jams fixed. BIL and FIL were quite handy to have around today! Thanks guys!

All in all it was a full day. Tomorrow will be house cleaning while tripping over furnace man.
Blogger Rhonda said...
How funny, you had lunch with the church ladies. (Reminds me of the Dana Carvey bit on SNL..) What a neat experience, seriously. There was probably a lot of wisdom at your table.

As for the furnace guy, isn't that the most frustrating thing? I think that THEY should have to wait on someone one of these days and deal with the inconvenience of it all...and not even getting their story straight...give me a break! Good luck.

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