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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
The Day We've Been Waiting For
Yes, that is right. We received word from our agency today that they have been notified by the MoE that they have been reaccredited to work in Russia! We can hardly believe it. After all this time it seems surreal to us. Our agency will have their certificate 'in hand' on March 6th. We are SO excited that I can hardly put it into words. It has been a long 8 months to wait but now things are finally moving forward. We want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers. We could never had made it through this without you. Keep those prayers coming for a quick turn around on our release letter. Here is hoping that we can get A home around Easter. We'll update the blog as we get more information about release letters and travel dates for our medical trip. We're really bouncing off the walls at this point and going out tonight to celebrate this amazing news! Hang in there A, momma and daddy are coming soon!
CONGRATULATIONS! Will pray for a quick turn around on all the necessary preparations.

This info made my day!


Blogger Sinklier Family said...

Lisa this is wonderful news!

I am so happy for the three of you!



Blogger Lauri said...
YIPPEEEE Thats great news..... cant wait to learn more... you have been so patient and i hope to hear of travel plans really soon


Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
WOO HOO!!! I know that you will receive your invitation to travel any day now...I can just feel it. We will be bringing our boys home around Easter, I just know it.

BIG HUGS!!! ~ gaye

Blogger Margaret said...
Oh my goodness! That's such good news! And since it goes along with the list I emailed out that means my agency could be next. Hooray for you, fingers crossed for me.

Blogger M3 (Mary-Mia) said...
OH MY GOD!!!!! Lisa this is the best news I have heard all day. No scratch that, it's the best news I've heard all month!!!! Oh man, I am so excited for you I can't even believe it!!! Whoooooohooooooooo. Congratulations on finally hearing this awesome, wonderful news. Ahhhhhhhh.

And the next post had better be what you did to celebrate lady, and it had better be HUGE because I am celebrating vicariously through you! :-)

Blogger The Belanich's said...
That news just brought TEARS of happiness for you! Praying for a quick turn around, and travel arrangements soon!!

Blogger Liv said...
Congrats!! That's awesome news. I guess a little faith goes a long way. I'm super duper happy for you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: I was going to respond to your other post, I do know how you feel. I've been there. You don't wanna hear it.

PPS: I responded to your website one day and asked about the quilts. Are they still avail? If you are too busy, I understand. However if you are fundraising, I am interested.

Blogger Elle said...
Quilts are still available. email me at

I haven't been able to read your blog for a while and I finally got time. I am sooo excited I am jumping around my apartment. I cannot believe it! Finally!!!!!

Blogger jeneflower said...
I bet you thought this news would NEVER come. I am so glad to hear you happy after such a grueling wait!

Blogger -Jenny said...
Congrats!!! That is wonderful, wonderful news!!!
Fingers crossed for a smooth next 2 months!


Anonymous Mary & Craig said...
Congratulations! I hope things move quickly for you now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
OH HAPPY DAY! Congratulations! Tom and I are so excited for you. We are "dancing" around the house! Look forward to hearing about travel plans. We hope & pray that things will start to move quickly and you will have Alex home by Easter. Love you all, Aunt Jan & Uncle Tom

Blogger Rhonda said...
YAY! I'm so HAPPY!

Blogger Cat, Galloping said...
I just came over here from Salsa in China. I can't imagine (okay that's a copout-- I can hardly bear to imagine) what you've been through. I'm thrilled to hear that your son is almost home. Congratulations.

Blogger Stephanie said...
Came over from Salsa in China - awesome news! Best of luck for a speady timeframe.

Blogger Kristin said...
I am also here from Salsa In China to add my "congratulations" on your wonderful news!

I look forward to following your blog for the rest of your story!

- Kristin

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Grandma & grandpa are dancing and singing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom & Mike

Blogger Tricia said...
What a difference a day makes! There's alot of good news going around right now, which suggests the process in Russia is now moving again on a somewhat regular basis. I'm super happy for you and look forward to planning your trip, taking your trip and bringing home your child with you via your blog messages.

Celebrate!!!! Days like this deserve it.

Blogger Babygirl's parents said...
I am so very happy for you and your little boy!
Congratulations!!!! Here's to speedy travel and a safe return home!

Blogger Karen said...

This is the first time to your site and I can not imagine the wait that you have had to endure. I hope that the next step moves quickly.

Blogger Sig said...
I have been away from computer for the mostpart so decidedd to sit and read my favorite blogs and this is what i find!! Oh. My. God. If I had confetti, I would throw it all over the place in celebration. I am so very happy for you guys!! This totally made me day. I am loking forward to hear of travel news VERY soon!!!!

Anonymous Erin said...
Just a lurker, but I wanted to congratulate you! I am so happy that you will soon be bringing your little boy home after such a long struggle!

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