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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
this week's "update"
I have trickled some news to a few of you, but I thought I would sum up what we know, or rather don't know.
On September 15th the Ministry of Education met regarding the status of reaccreditation. We thought our prayers had been answered when we found out that they had reaccredited 2 more agencies. Unfortunately, the did not do ours and 2 looks like their limit for now. We don't know when they will meet again to further the process.
Our other tidbit of "news" is that on the 20th 2 families (1 American and 1 Spanish) had their court dates in Khabarovsk. (Not with AIA) They ended up being required to complete an 8 doctor medical form. The judge postponed court so they could complete the form. They scrambled all over town getting various tests done. Needless to say, they got the form finished and had successful court the next day.
So what does that mean to us? We did receive word from Olga that we too would likely have to have this form completed. She has not gotten official confirmation of that. Unfortunately, this form will have to be done in Russia. Olga says that we will have the doctor's visits in Moscow, rather than in Khabarovsk. So now... travel will be a little more complicated. We now will fly from Seattle to Moscow. Stay in Moscow to have the medical exams done. Catch an 8 hour flight to Khabarovsk. Have court, pick the baby up from the orphanage, wait out our 10 days in Khabarovsk. Then we hop another 8 hour flight back to Moscow for the baby's medical exam and Visa interview. Then we will finally get to come home.
We are hoping that the first stop in Moscow won't be that long, but it does afford us one advantage. We will likely travel when it is snowing. So during the first Moscow visit we can do some sightseeing without having to worry about bundling up a child! Hey man, I am trying my hardest to look at the bright side of things!
That is the news for now. Please keep the thoughts, prayers, and COMMENTS coming! I check the blog every day for new comments. They are very helpful for those rough days.
Please also keep the families currently in Khabarovsk in your prayers. There is 1 family there with another agency. They have court today. 2 more families are traveling at the beginning of October to meet their children, also another agency. They need our support too!
Blessings, Lisa
Anonymous Anonymous said...
A little news can sometimes be just that . . . little news. However, the time frame doesn't make any difference whatsoever concerning the most important point - Alexander is your son, no matter how long the wait - the wait is just a factor, but this little boy is yours and is waiting for you just as surely as you wait to go get him. Being a parent means just "being" a lot of the time, not necessarily "doing"! A lot of "waiting" is involved: Waiting for the baby to arrive, waiting for all the "firsts" -words, teeth, steps, starting school,etc.. I know that God is alway at work in your lives and that of Alexander's - He chooses to be with you, no matter what. And his angels are caring for you and your son every minute of every day, no matter what we humans try to do. Think of this: Alexander, who knows nothing of your wait or the passing of time, is blessed by his "being" - he is not aware of how you anxiously wait, desiring to be "doing". So I believe that God, who calls each of us by name and counts the hairs on our heads, wants us to trust Him with our worries, our impatience, our wish to have Alexander home right now . . . because only He can give us the comfort we need and especially He has already blessed you as "family" and will continue to do so for the rest of your lives. Trust and believe! Luv, Mom & Dad

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your are blessed to have the love and support of two families whom stand behind and beside you on this journey. I wish there were an easy fix to all the bureaucracy of this adoption but you can only do what the Russian govt. asks of you!!! Know that you are doing all that you can!!! Take a deep breath, relax, have dinner with friends,light a candle!!!!!! Worrying only gives you ulcers, take it from a pro!
Mom & Mike