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Saturday, March 04, 2006
It's Official!
We told you last week that AIA had been notified of their reaccreditation and could pick up their certificate on March 6th. Well, the Russian MoE has updated their website and officially announced the agencies that have been reaccredited! This final step makes it 'real' for me. Here is the link to official website so you can see for yourself:

Yes, I know it's in Russian. You can scroll down to the very bottom of the page to see the most recent agencies. (the names are in English so you can read them)

Also a big congrats to all of our bloggy friends whose agencies have been reaccredited as well! Here's hoping for quick release letters (or in some cases, referrals) and travel dates very soon.

Blogger A Room to Grow said...
so reassuring to see something official!!! congrats - and here you thought you'd have to wait until next week to get official news!

Blogger Lauri said...
Congrats- just read this on another forum and had to come & see if you had posted about it.

Its such great news

Blogger Jenny said...
Congrats guys!!!
thinking of you-Jenny

Blogger Jennefer said...
It is so nice to see some more concrete evidence that it is true! It is great news all around!

Blogger Maggie said...
My excitement has melted into relief. Thank God for those little certificates.

Blogger Gaye and Andrew said...
Wonderful news Lisa & Derek!! Little A will be coming home soon...I just know it. ~ gaye

Blogger Rhonda said...
Congrats bloggy friends! This is awesome news.