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Thursday, March 02, 2006
The Weekly Update
This week's update is brought to you by Girl Scouts of America. Wanna know why? Cause it is that time of year again! Go hunt yourself a Girl Scout today.

You would think that with the whole reaccreditation thing that I would have more to update you all on. However, until Olga has the "official" certificate in hand everything is tenative.

There are quite a few of us in the group and here is a run down of who is who and what are they waiting for.
Waiting for Court Dates:
Mary & Brian
Kathy & Eric
Michelle & Jack

Waiting for Release Letters:
Kathleen & Eric (affectionately called K&E)
Danielle & Jeff
Candy & Doug

Waiting for First Trip:
Jamie & Suzanne

Waiting for Referrals:
Rhonda & Brian
Cathy & Nick

(I apologize if some of you are married. I just don't know all the husband's names.)

So there are a few families that have tenative travel dates at the end of March. J&S are scheduled to travel at the beginning of April and the rest of us are still in the dark. That is about it for the weekly update. Now I will bore you of what paperwork is currently making me stupider. See, I said stupider. D's theory is correct.

This week I visited yet another new doctor and got her to write a letter stating that I am physically and mentally capable of raising a child. Little does she know! I also got our passports copied, the Commitment to register the child with the Russian consulate and the commitment to provide post placement reports finished. Now I have to work on completing the financial form for the home study without losing my mind causing the doctor to revoke that very nice letter she wrote. We also have to contact the oh so special social worker to get a letter from DSHS about the HS agency. We have to wade our way through the very scary people at the City building to get new police clearance letters and contact the WA state vital statistics office for a new copy of our marriage certificate. Then... go and have it all apostilled.

Aren't you jealous? Don't you wish you were me?
Blogger Jennefer said...

I do wish I were you. At least you can feel like you are doing something productive! And you have to admit that it can be kind of fun running around town with D doing paper work stuff. At least sometimes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lisa and Derek,
We are thinking of you and praying with all our might that your adoption journey could be easier. We are also adopting. We are in the China program. This week we found out that we will have to wait longer. There is no comparison to your wait and the hurdles you still have to go through. We just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and your child. Lisa Marie and Tom

Blogger Lauri said...
Im headed for a 8 hour day trip monday for the lovley task of apostiles.... this has been the most stressful paperchase yet because of the deadline.....

I will breathe a big sigh of relief that may well be heard around the world when this package is DHL'd to Moscow monday.

What sucks is that there is really no way to compensate or prepare... until we had a court date we could not get ready

Anywho..... I hear ya loud & clear and im sorry you have to deal with it too