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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Behind it all...
there is a Canadian screwing it up. (well the actual phrase was a little more expletive, but to maintain my strong PG rating I censored myself)

This week's update brought to you by... oh hell I couldn't think of anything clever:

This afternoon there were shouts and tears of joy. A Canadian agency to remain nameless shamelessly posted on their website that they were indeed reaccredited. The truth to that claim remains to be seen. According to Olga they prematurely announced the happy news. She believes that they heard they would be reaccredited and published the news to the world. When in reality they likely have not been reaccredited.

Our shouts of joy were directed to the inventors of non-freezing ink. However, the formula has yet to be perfected. So no news quite yet. We are all hoping that maybe tomorrow... ahh, who am I kidding. This child is going to pick me up from the airport.

In other news... D has this fancy dress-up dinner for work every year. We went to the mall Tuesday night so he could buy a new shirt and tie. I figured while I am there I would look around and see if I couldn't find a new dress. Guess who I find at the department store? My mega-ultra bargain shopper friend, Kim. Kim cons me into trying on a dress. According to Kim and D it looked really good. And at $30, who could argue. So I bought it. The problem is, while Kim and I are trying on our dresses a woman comes out of a dressing room and says, "Oh, is it prom time or something?" Directing the comment at us! So now I am totally paranoid that I am going to look like some high school prom thing. The invitation clearly states "cocktail dresses." This is not a cocktail dress. I won't tell you what it looks like, because D's mom reads this blog and she will also be attending the function. I kinda want it to be a surprise. It is the kind of dress I have always wanted to fit into and look good in, but it is a little formal. Dear Lord, wish me luck. I won't promise you will get any photos of me in this thing.
Blogger Rhonda said...
OK, how much will it cost me to have you post a photo of yourself in the dress?

Also, the news on reaccreditation is encouraging! Hopefully soon.

Blogger Margaret said...
I didn't take the rumors about reaccreditation well. My agency has thought they would be in "the next batch" since August. If it's true I'm really happy for the families that now will have a green light. But, I'm also going to be biting my nails until we know that it means he's actually signing them ALL now. I'm so scared that it will be just another small batch.

Sorry to be a downer... I'm in a bit of a funk. If I get out of it soon I'll post a more positive comment, I promise.

Blogger Avonlea said...
Everyone dresses so differently at those kinds of events - better to be a maybe a little too dressed up, than not dressed up enought. The important thing is that you feel great in it - and what a bargain - good shopping!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I want to see a picture of you in your dress. Uncle Tom & I leave for our cruise this weekend and we plan to renew our vows. I will be wearing my wedding dress that is a creme color with no train. I will send you a picture of us. OK? OK! Sending up prayers for the reaccreditation. Love you, Aunt Jan

Blogger Lauri said...
awww no fair- I need a photo.... Im a visual type....have fun at the party... we want details

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