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Sunday, January 22, 2006
Canada: Open 24 hours
Oh how I have missed you my sweet email and blogs. As I have said before I am in need of getting a life, but I don't want to so live with it. I went 24 hours without the ability to check my email and survived! For those of you also suffering with ECD the good news is it isn't terminal.

D and I had a lovely day away from home. We finally made it out of the house at about 11:30 yesterday morning. Of course the furthest we got was the gas station before I realized I had forgotten my allergy pills. And we know what kind of trip it would be had I forgotten later. So around noon we finally got on the road. Quick stop north of Seattle for an oh-so-healthy lunch and a potty stop and we again were off.

The highlight of the drive was watching a guy drive down the road, talk on his cell phone and read a piece of paper all at the same time. I really should have taken a photo, but D passed him too fast.

And did you know that Canada is open 24 hours? There is a big sign near the border that tells you so. (actually it says the border crossing is open 24 hours, but I think it is funnier my way)

We cross the border with no problem since apparently no one really wants into Canada. There was like a 2 minute wait. We headed straight for Vancouver for the obligatory shopping. I slobbered at the beautiful houses along South Granville and the quaint little shops. I love that area.

We decided that since we had some time before check-in that we would do some shopping in the mall. First it took forever to find a parking garage. Once parked we ventured into the mall which, of course, is being renovated. We walked through Sport Check, the mother of all sporting good stores and found one of the Roots stores. Then we started the "hunt".

The Hunt is for a Canadian Olympic Sweatshirt. This meant finding a Bay store. Fortunately once we left the mall there was one right on the corner. This place is magnificent. It is a cross between Macy's and Nordstrom. The exception being that they had a huge Olympic Gear section. And there it was! The coveted sweatshirt. Despite the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted it still took me 20 minutes to make up my mind. I had to try it on, decide between a men's or a women's... needless to say, I am now wearing my new sweatshirt. I love it. Really really love it. Chances are I won't take it off for the next 2 weeks!

So the rest of the trip was fantastic also. Our room was on the 31st floor of the Marriott. Gorgeous view of the harbor. I had grand plans of taking photos to show all of you, but my attention span had other ideas. I turned on my camera and the screen said "no card". Yes, I had fresh batteries, but no memory card. So even if I did have the opportunity to take a photo of the distracted driver, I couldn't.

We had a great dinner at the Shanghai Chinese Bistro. If ever in Vancouver, you must eat there. They do a nightly show where they make fresh noodles. We were too early, but we had other plans.

Before we left I made an effort to not check to see if the Canucks were in town. That way I would be oblivious and say D the trouble of driving by GM place just so I could flash a little leg to see if the ushers would let me in. Well turns out they were in town. Not only that... they were playing the Canadiens (only me second favorite team ever) AND when we turned the game on with 6 minutes left in the first, the Canucks were winning 6 nothing!!! Again I had to sit in a hotel to watch a great game. Just my luck.

All in all it was a great trip. We were so happy to get away just for a night. We got to spend some quality us time. I will admit I was glad to get home to see my kitties, and of course check my email.
Blogger Avonlea said...
I'm glad you had such a nice getaway. I love Canada and Canadians - they are the nicest people.

We did get stopped at the border into Canada -Nova Scotia - on our honeymoon no less - they asked - do you have any food - DH said yes - it was our wedding cake!!! They went through everything.

I'm sorry the email you wanted wasn't there.

Blogger Rhonda said...
Awesome, so glad you had a good time. I think its so important right now to take that time for each other. Good for you guys! Also, glad to see ECD isn't terminal.

Blogger Margaret said...
Sounds like fun. I've never been to Vancouver, but it's always been on my wish list!

It seems so great to take a little time with each other. Very soon you will be home with your child and it will be harder to take that time together.

Okay - I know - "Shut up," you say. "We just want our baby home!"

You're right. I want him home with you, too.

Anonymous Mary & Craig said...
Glad you liked Canada. We have a wonderful country. Vancouver is a great city...I like it there too. Hope your agency (and ours) get re-accredited soon. Check out our blog:

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