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Sunday, January 15, 2006
The week's update
For those of you who read at the end of the week for the weekly adoption update I do apologize. As you may have already guessed there really wasn't news to report. We were told the same ol' thing as last time, "They're working on it." I swear the Russian Government works at the speed of a someone driving a Daewoo, carpooling to Weight Watcher's meeting.

Of course the rumor mill is once again rearing its ugly head. You are surprised? Well you shouldn't be. The collective "They" does this about every three days. Someone posts some email they got from their agency saying, "We have been informed by the MoE that reaccreditations will happen in the coming week." For the love of Christ people!!! Stop posting this type of crap. All you do is raise the hopes of those of us stuck in this living nightmare just to have it obliterated the next week when no papers are signed.


Sorry... I had a moment there.

Truly, I do appreciate those who try to keep the adoption community apprised of what small iota of information that may possible be passed along, but they are simply just rumors. And we all know what rumors do. They make the nerdy girl in the corner the butt of every 4-eyes joke in the school. (oh wait no, that was me in high school, sorry)

Anyway, no news. I PROMISE!!! I will let you all know once I know anything definitive.
Blogger Sinklier Family said...
My hopes and thoughts are with you and D.

I am so sorry for your long wait. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end but the ups and downs have got to be so tough.

I am sending my happy thoughts to Russia's MOE right now...I'm telling them to sign, sign, sign. (I'm sure that you've done this a thousand times but more people sending happy thoughts can't hurt right???)

I know that there must be reasons for all the delays and reaccreditations and the redefining of the laws, but it's just so unfair that all of these amazing kids and their dedicated parents, are kept apart by bureaucratic red tape!!!

Hoping for speedy reaccreditation and reunification with your son!


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