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Monday, January 09, 2006
De-Lurk Week
Last year this woman named Sheryl created de-lurking day. It is a day for those of you who secretly read blogs to come out of the wood work and post a comment. Now I have tried to get many of you lurkers to post comments on our blog. My attempts have been mildly successful, but Derek seems to get more comments than I do. Of course his posts are these wonderful, eloquent and meaningful posts while mine are useless crap. With that being said... I still know there are many of you who read and don't post. So here is you chance. De-Lurk day has been made into De-lurk week. You have a whole week to tell me that you actually like me. If you are afraid of posting to this blog and would rather post just to me (as opposed to both D and I) you can send your comments to Elle.
Comments really are like Crack to some of us bloggers. Once we get one we can't get enough. It makes us feel special and dammit I need to feel special. So come out, come out where ever you are. Just a small sentence to say, "My name is L, I am a lurker."

Next week... the politically charged debate.
Blogger Rhonda said...
Well, I think you know that I am rarely a lurker, but I'll say a big HI anyways.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dammit, I Like you! Your sister-in-law.
(Actually, you know I love you. And I always enjoy reading your "useless crap")

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Okay, I confess I am a lurker. Is there a 12 step program for me? I will give you my first name initial...L...and I am from Connecticut and waiting to travel to Ukraine to adopt!
Thanks for the blog!!

Blogger Lauri said...
I love it- de-lurk week- Im gonna post it on my blog if you dont mind ( I will give you full credit) I always try to leave comments- as a fellow blogger I know it feels good to be recognized and supported.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I like you, really like you, ya little blogger! In fact, you're my favorite daughter-in-law and your blogs run the gamut - hilarious, authentic, and sometimes so eloquent it makes both Dad and I cry. So blog away, kiddo - I'm lurking just around the edge of the blogspot just waiting for the next BLOG! Luv ya, Mom

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lurker Tracy here. I adopted from Russia in August 2004 and came across your blog from a co-worker, friend, neighbor, etc, etc. Anyway, I love reading and remembering what we've gone through. Hang in there, it's SO worth it :o)

Blogger Margaret said...
Not a lurker, but thought I'd comment anyway. It's nice to hear comments like "Lurker Tracy's" isn't it? After we all get our kids home this stress of this waiting stage will fade.

Anonymous serena said...
I have posted before, but will un-lurk again..... I adopted from Russia 18 mos ago. I check your blog a few times a week hoping you have good news. Its not true that you entirely forget the pain of the wait. I remember....and I wish for you a quick resolution.

I am a new lurker. It is all Lauri's fault! Just kidding. I relate to your pain. Our dossier has been in Kazakhstan since May of '05. Well - not exactly - back and forth and so on. We were supposed to travel in July. But finally we are getting close. We have heard that we will travel in Feb.

I cannot wait to hear that the accreditations in Russia are complete and you can return to pick up your child. I cannot image how difficult it has been for your family.


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