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Monday, February 06, 2006
A plea
This is a plea to those of you who read our blog and who have adopted from Ukraine. On Friday Feb. 3rd the JCICS issued a press release stating that the Ukrainian government will likely suspend all adoptions by American citizens until ALL post placement reports have been completed. There are nearly 900 post placement reports that have not been completed by adoptive parents since 1996.
When you adopted your child from Ukraine you made a commitment to furnish these reports to the Ukrainian government. The actions of these families is having repercussions on waiting families. Think back to the time when you were waiting. Remember the stress and anguish? That is what is happening to families now.
Children deserve loving homes. There are families waiting right now to take these children home. If you or someone you know has not filed their post placement reports please take a moment to do so. This goes for any of you who have adopted from any other country. It does not take that much time. Please.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's one thing when the Russian government inhibits adoptions - hard to understand when so many children languish in orhanages and little is being done to develop a viable foster care system but it is entirely another to think that people who have already adopted children from the Ukraine have acted with such negligence concerning their resonsibility to meet all the requirements of their commitment to their children by not doing post-adoption reports. WHY?? Not only does this damage current fragile adoption situation, but increases distrust between countries . . . an issue of shame! For who ultimately is the victim of irresponsibility?? The children waiting for a family of their own and the adoptive parents because of the actions of people from this country! And because Russian officials have succumbed to political pressure in their country! We pray that everyone will take responsibility for their actions so parents and children can become families. If the original post applies to you as an American, step up to the plate and fulfill your adoption obligations!

Blogger Rhonda said...
Its amazing how important those post-placement reports truly are. I hope that everything gets resolved for Ukranian adoptions.

Anonymous Mary & Craig said...
Sounds like they are following in the footsteps of the Russians...I hope this gets resolved more quickly!

Blogger Margaret said...
You said it, sister.

There have been posts on FRUA lately complaining about little things an agency is requiring someone to do post-placement. I refrained, but I just shout "Shut up and do it!"

I cannot believe that they want all of the post-placement reports before allowing more adoptions. It seems so unfair to punish the children and their waiting families because of what other families have done. Perhaps the agencies could help in this matter.

I read about a woman who turned her pp reports in to her agency at 6 mos, 1 year, and 18 months. Just a few weeks after her 18 month report, the agency wrote them a letter saying that she had not sent in her pp reports! Luckily she had kept copies and sent them again.

I feel like the agencies could be held responsible for their clients reports - not punish all American pre-adoptive parents blindly.

I am so sorry, Lisa! I am sending all of my wishes to your family (and Margaret and Rhonda) that those reaccreditations finally come through. Please don't let the pp reports affect waiting families. :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...
NO worries, I did mine really early. One more and I'm done.

To be honest, I tend to think they are using it as a scapgoat. But then I'm suspicious. I have also heard more than one story of people who send the reports and they never are received. I also send pics to my facilitators to take to the babyhome. But thats not the same. You never do know for sure if they get there.

Hope things start moving for you guys.

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