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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
What does it mean?
The JCICS issued this statement yesterday:

The Russian Ministry of Education has issued reaccreditation certificates to four agencies in the US. Two of these agencies are JCICS member agencies and are listed at the bottom of this page. The Ministry has also informed the US Embassy in Moscow that there are a number of additional agencies under consideration to be reaccredited in the Spring of 2006.

Of course we are all trying to figure out exactly what the statement means. Are they talking about the agencies whose accreditation expires this spring or has the MOE stopped pulling names out of the Asshat? Or is the MOE going to allow new agencies to be accredited. I know of at least one agency that is considering reapplying for Russian adoptions after taking a very long hiatus.

I did take the time to email our coordinator to find out what her take on the whole thing is. I haven't heard back yet, but seeing as it is raining I will be sitting on top of the computer all day.

My other task of the day is to box up the chocolates! They are officially finished!!! We ended up with around 24 dozen. That is a whole lot of truffles. We have sold 18 boxes so far. 6 more to go! If you want a box please go HERE and order one before they are all gone. I am here to tell you they are delicious. Trust me. I have licked my fingers (then washed my hands) more than my fair share in the past 5 days.

I want to say a gigantic thank you to all of you who purchase chocolates. Funny thing is that it has been other pre-adoptive parents that have done the buying. We are all supposed to be poor! We both appreciate your support more than you know.

I am still working on the "Free the Peruvian Burros" T-shirts. I hope to have those available by the end of this week.


I did get an email from our facilitator that was a long winded way of saying she doesn't know. She has no clue on what the MoE means by spring. She is being optimistic that they will continue to pull names out of the asshat. Although Olga isn't privy to us actually calling it the asshat.

We are trying to remain positive throughout this process. I have to say this is nearly the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. Of course no one ever said having kids was easy.

We are taking a few measures to try to regain what is left of our sanity. D is checking out of all the message boards. In other words he is not going to read them anymore. I think I might be right behind him. The rumor mill and boo hoo woe is me crap is grating on my last nerve.

I also feel that I am no longer emotionally equipped to answer the, "so have you heard any news question." I am very aware that people ask only because they care, but there are only so many times in a day that I can say I don't know before I completely lose it. This is not for my protection, but for yours. If I get one more person that makes some stupid comment or offers their assvice about how to get through this I will "shove sausages down their throat and hungry dogs up their butt." You want to know why I don't want to answer this question anymore? Read this post and you will know.

In the mean time, please continue to pray that this will all be resolved and quickly. This reaccreditation thing effects more people than you may realize. We appreciate all of your support. We know we are stronger people for going through this, but sometimes the strong need to be held up too.
Blogger jeneflower said...
I would like to know what is meant by Spring. Does this mean any day now? Or does it mean between March 20 - June 21? And like you mentioned, is this the unaccredited agencies they are considering or the ones whose accreditation expires in May and June. Let us know if you find out any further information from your agency.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What does your agency say about this? Do they have any informtion one way or the other? Does not seem fair to make you wait for 3 or 4 months to find out if your agency gets accredited. Hoping it will work our for you.

Blogger Margaret said...
It's just all so vague and disappointing. The one thing we can count on is each other. We'll hold each other up. We're in this together and we're a team.

Blogger Rhonda said...

Might I suggest you pig out on a box of those truffles? That's what I'm planning on doing when they get here. Chocolate heals all, sister. We can join weight watchers together when this is all over!

I keep reminding myself there's been more reaccreditations in the last month than we've seen in a long time. We're gonna get through this. All of us together.

Blogger Tricia said...
I saw that announcement too, and thought about why aren't the other agencies under consideration at least mentioned by name? Oh well, like Rhonda said, at least there has been some activity.

BTW, I almost ordered the last six boxes, but then calculated how many minutes that would be on the treadmill and I just can't see myself in the gym that much.

Stuff some sausages for me!!

And don't anyone ever say "atleast you didn't have to go through labor!"

"Yeah", I say, "Atleast I didn't have to wait 15 months and spend $40k and allow inspections of my marriage, family, home, financial health, criminal history, mental health, and.... Now that would be crazy!"

Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
I needed a laugh today and "Asshat" and "Assvice" really got me going...if nothing else, you made a fellow "waiting mother" laugh really loud out loud :)

I totally understand and I feel for you guys...

Anonymous Tracy said...
This will not help your situation at all, but hopefully will give you a little chuckle. Appearently, everyone needs stamps.

Anonymous Tracy said...
Sorry, it cut off, here's the rest of the web address....

Blogger Elle said...
Evidently the stamp issue has reached vodka production. The Russian government might actually come to a halt then. Good Lord we can't let there be a Vodka shortage!!!

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